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Human Agony – Putrescence Of Calvary (2019)

Putrescence of Calvary is unabashed Blasphemy worship channeled through the likes of Pseudogod, but eclipses both by virtue of tighter songs than the first and less knuckle-dragging than the latter. As the video below of the band’s life performance illustrates, … Continue reading

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Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection (2015)

The new Revenge shows more structure than before but it is a structure cut from the blockiest of slabs. The bandwidth of Revenge‘s excursions over the musical scale will always be limited because of the nature of their genre but … Continue reading

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Extreme metal, old and new

Originally written for deathmetal.org A reader recently posted a comment asking my opinion on modern extreme metal bands like Teitanblood and Ascension. We often take it as an article of faith that modern metal is a fallen genre that parted … Continue reading

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Sacrocurse’s Unholier Master and the methods of modern black/death/war metal

Hearing Sacrocurse‘s Unholier Master is a conflicting experience. This album carries many of the trademarks that make the modern black/death/war camp a tired cliche, but it also contains some redeeming qualities that become evident after repeated listens. To put that … Continue reading

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War metal is musically closer to grindcore than it is to metal

The defining characteristics of grindcore are: Emancipation from the structural rigidity of traditional metal. Where metal retains its compositional character, grindcore cares little for such considerations, and in fact pursues a ‘destructional’ agenda that seeks to boil music down to … Continue reading

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Diocletian – Gesundrian (2014)

Much of the war metal of the last ten years has sacrificed musicality and memorability in its seemingly unappeasable quest for extremity. Diocletian‘s third album Gesundrian foams at the mouth with glee, making all the right sounds and gestures, but … Continue reading

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Genocide Shrines – Devanation Monumentemples EP Review (2012)

Aside from inventive use of portmanteau, Genocide Shrines offer little of novelty on their debut EP. The riffs here, simplistic as they are,  lie buried under an overwhelmingly reverb-soaked production, a bane of more than one modern band working the … Continue reading

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