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Undergrind 2017 featuring Vader (September 24, Vapour Pub, Bangalore)

While every other purportedly metal concert in the country has been overrun by effete poseurs in sunglasses and patch-infested evening denim-wear, sold out by a whorish desire to appeal to the widest possible audience in chase of greater ROI, and … Continue reading

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Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Infester’s To The Depths, In Degradation vs Vader’s De Profundis

¬†¬† Impressionistic appraisal: Infester’s To The Depths, In Degradation (1994) To The Depths, In Degradation is the finest album from the sub-strain I like to call Backwoods Brutality Death Metal. Grainy of texture and uniformly joyless in tenor, a coagulation … Continue reading

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Demisery – Hive Of Mutation (2011)

A subject that often comes up for discussion with a dear friend is that of the Morbid Angel of the second half of the 90s and the small scene that came about inspired by the styles seen on Formulas Fatal … Continue reading

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Reclaiming death metal: Drawn And Quartered/Centurian

It is an indictment of the metal climate today that albums of the caliber of Feeding Hell’s Furnace and Contra Rationem have gone mostly unnoticed¬†amidst the never-ending flux of Incantation copycats, pretentious occultists that mistake C-grade horror movie atmosphere for … Continue reading

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