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Thy Feeble Saviour – And Darkness Fell (2018)

Texan death metal represents the most uncompromising face of the genre today. Dark, gritty, and relentlessly confrontational, this is not music for those perpetually seeking new thrills or those satisfied with shapelessness masquerading as innovation. Rather, a band like Thy … Continue reading

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Condemner – Burning The Decadent (2018)

Condemner – Burning The Decadent Condemner return from a brief hiatus with a debut full length that tries to balance the chromatic progressiveness of Omens Of Perdition with the insistent simplicity and brutality of American bands like Embalmer,┬áCardiac Arrest, and … Continue reading

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Condemner – Omens Of Perdition demo (2015)

Condemner – Omens Of Perdition (2015) Writing long dark death metal songs of the style Condemner do on their demo is no easy feat. As a general rule, the longer the song, the harder it becomes to retain its context … Continue reading

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Church Of Disgust – Unworldly Summoning (2014)

Texas’ Church Of Disgust seem uncertain of the direction they want to pursue on debut Unworldy Summoning. The ponderous low end allies this album with the Incantoclone camp but the music here is of a brighter variety, choosing wider intervals … Continue reading

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