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2066 And Then: Krautrock that saw twelve years into metal’s future

Noble metal hessians, gather your history books and tear them asunder, for 2066 And Then will challenge accepted genre narratives! Well, don’t go so far as all that; it is after all only the one song ‘Autumn‘ and a brief … Continue reading

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Death metal: prewired idea or conditioned response?

An interesting thought experiment is to question whether death metal – or metal itself, for that matter, but a subgenre suffices for this purpose – would’ve evolved the way it did if it lacked the name. Or, pondering from across the … Continue reading

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The riff in metal and Abominator’s Evil Proclaimed

A Kerry King comment, from either the present day or from twenty-five years ago, mentions how thrash and speed metal bands gradually rejected use of the riff as primary vehicle of expression in songs in favour of chord progressions. Slayer themselves … Continue reading

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