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Profanatica’s artful simplicity

All music ever aims to do is capture one aspect of psychology with sincerity and a degree of verisimilitude. Music doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire breadth of human emotion; such a task is not only near-impossible, but also … Continue reading

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Profanatica – The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy (2016)

The new Profanatica album is dramatic and evocative. A more conscious sense of melody has transformed this band from unremitting hate organ to one that now creates heaving, breathing narratives. The rhythmic structures¬†from the band’s minimalist past still stand, however, … Continue reading

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In Black Metal: Beherit, Demoncy, and Profanatica

Beherit, Demoncy, and Profanatica have released some of the best black metal of the last ten years. Beherit‘s comeback Engram effortlessly slides back into a pre-full blown electronic frame of mind, doing an impressive balancing act between the band’s various … Continue reading

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Profanatica – Thy Kingdom Cum Review (2013)

In astronomy, the Big Crunch is a hypothesis which states that the known universe will eventually fold back upon itself into an impossibly dense singularity, perhaps setting the stage for yet another expansion, in an endlessly self-perpetuating process of unprejudiced … Continue reading

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