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The obscurity sweepstakes

All metalheads want their favorite bands to be suitably obscure, hidden away from the mainstream. Deathspell Omega remain steadfastly aloof, giving a grand total of two interviews in fifteen years, both couched in arcane references; their music, as it is, … Continue reading

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Mortem – Dein√≥s Nekr√≥mantis (2016)

Mortem are among two handfuls of extant bands still versed in the art of riff-based death metal. No synthetic asides are to be found in their oeuvre; mood and atmosphere are instead created through perpetual motion, and an innate aversion … Continue reading

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The powerful drama of death metal

Hearing Mortem‘s The Devil Speaks In Tongues, it strikes one just how powerfully dramatic good death metal is. Every motif, every riff, and every progression aims to build up to a rousing conclusion with no room for ambiguities. There is … Continue reading

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