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Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained (2017)

Kingdoms Disdained is the harshest, most unmusical album Morbid Angel have ever done. For those inclined towards construing that description as somewhat interesting, Kingdoms Disdained also isn’t very good. Where once Morbid Angel soared with imagination, today they plod and … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Horrified, Chemical Exposure, Altars of Madness, and I.N.R.I.

A fine test of whether you take yourself altogether too seriously is to stay locked up in a room and play the four titles mentioned in this post’s header. If you can’t contain yourself from running around with mad abandon … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Morbid Angel’s Gateways to Annihilation (2000)

I demand to know the light of a promised land I demand to see this corrosion wiped away – Morbid Angel, ‘Summoning Redemption’ Morbid Angel evolved without pause until Heretic, developing technique and songwriting in a manner that had no … Continue reading

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Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Morbid Angel’s Altars Of Madness vs Obituary’s Cause Of Death

¬†¬† Impressionistic appraisal: Obituary’s Cause Of Death (1990) Cleaner and roomier than the sounds of the sewer that was Slowly We Rot, Cause Of Death, and indeed the music of Obituary, belongs to the dreamtime of the genre, and therefore … Continue reading

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Demisery – Hive Of Mutation (2011)

A subject that often comes up for discussion with a dear friend is that of the Morbid Angel of the second half of the 90s and the small scene that came about inspired by the styles seen on Formulas Fatal … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Xenomorph – Empyreal Regimes (1995)

Xenomorph played churning, grinding death metal with a martial aspect. Made of many peaks and troughs, and not without a rich knowledge of mood, Empyreal Regimes is a supremely confident album in pacing and execution. It is also a progressive … Continue reading

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Reclaiming death metal: Drawn And Quartered/Centurian

It is an indictment of the metal climate today that albums of the caliber of Feeding Hell’s Furnace and Contra Rationem have gone mostly unnoticed¬†amidst the never-ending flux of Incantation copycats, pretentious occultists that mistake C-grade horror movie atmosphere for … Continue reading

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Howls Of Ebb – Vigils Of The 3rd Eye (2014)

Perhaps the greatest contribution Howls Of Ebb make is to the topic of distortion in death metal. By largely taking the in-your-face but ultimately synthetic trickery offered by modern pedal and processor technology out of the picture for a far … Continue reading

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Verminous – The Unholy Communion (2013) Review

One of the forerunners of the Swedish death metal renaissance of the early noughties along with the likes of Kaamos, Repugnant, Paganizer among others, Verminous return after a decade with a welcome addition to the new old school oeuvre. As … Continue reading

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