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Horn – Turm am Hang (2017)

At this point in time, Horn is an identity unto itself, heedless of whatever genre constraints one wants to impose on it. Unabashedly melodic but in all the right ways, unafraid to refer to styles on the peripheries of black … Continue reading

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Horn – Feldpost (2015)

Feldpost is the continuation of Nerrath’s heroic and curiously old-world take on black metal. The general vibe of this project is far from the caustic variety, but one is also loath to peg it squarely under the flower-power brand of … Continue reading

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Horn – Konflikt (2013)

Horn‘s Nerrath has been developing his project in the underground since 2003 but has eluded even remotely mainstream notice for that duration, becoming yet another casualty under the barrage of information. Which is not to say that his output has been … Continue reading

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