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Amorphia – Arms To Death (2018)

Arms To Death On their debut, Amorphia play thrash metal, influenced in equal parts by early Slayer, Kreator, and Sodom. Many bands from the fledgling Indian metal scene have attempted to play speed/thrash but have as a rule succumbed to … Continue reading

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Anorectal Ulceration – From Flesh To Liquid Mess (2015)

Anorectal Ulceration play goregrind like Neurovisceral Exhumation, old Regurgitate, and pre-noise Last Days Of Humanity. Fans familiar with those names will know what to expect here; there are no moments of levity, no East European goofing around to be found on … Continue reading

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Dhwesha – Sthoopa (2014)

Dhwesha are a young Indian death metal band that sing in Kannada, a language from Southern India that has origins in the pre-modern era. While it is always heartening to see bands employ mother tongues, no puns intended, the unfortunate reality … Continue reading

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Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King (2014)

Demonic Resurrection make extreme metal – if you choose to call it so – an acceptable, wholesome form of Sunday entertainment for the entire family. Slickly packaged and produced, and competently played, it is remarkable just how few buttons this … Continue reading

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Kryptos – Coils Of Apollyon (2012)

Coils Of Apollyon is perhaps the first Kryptos album to communicate an urgent need to thrill while maintaining a semi-balanced state of structure on a micro and a holistic album-wide scale. Gone is much of the meandering songwriting that plagued … Continue reading

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Agathocles/Nauseate Split (2014)

NitroPunk writes about the fresh Agathocles/Nauseate split CD In Grind We Crust This is a strong split CD between Indian grindcore flag bearers Nauseate and highly revered mince scene legends Agathocles from Belgium. Both bands subscribe to similar schools of … Continue reading

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The state of grindcore in India

  One of the side effects of the You Tube era is a bypassing of the natural evolution of the music fan. The suggestions side panel, as useful a device as it can be in judicious hands, has also helped … Continue reading

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Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer Review

Gutslit‘s brand of groove-oriented brutal death metal is at its most potent when they forget they’re supposed to bring the big slams. Like most music of this ilk, the riff is the focal point here, subject to multiple iterations that … Continue reading

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Reptilian Death – The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence Review

Reptilian Death, a side project of Demonic Resurrection‘s Sahil Makhija, is symptomatic  of everything one has come to expect of modern societal sensibility. Vapid, having no central uniting thread, lacking any form of coherent substance or ambition, this is the … Continue reading

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