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Eternal Champion – Armor of Ire (2016)

A good song sung with conviction never goes out of fashion. Eternal Champion craft very good heavy metal songs indeed; in their slower moments reminiscent of post-reformation Manilla Road, as heard especially on Atlantis Rising and The Spiral Castle, in … Continue reading

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Blues, Metal, and SJW outrage

A namby-pamby SJW from Bangalore, India, recently went on an ad hominem tirade against the perceived rejection of African-American blues as a founding element of heavy metal by a certain fringe, right-wing element. The accusation in all likelihood was aimed at Death … Continue reading

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A week of Sabbath: Sabotage

Sabotage is easily the original Black Sabbath‘s most focused and consistent album, and a logical culmination of all the progressive tendencies that had been steadily creeping into the band’s arsenal. When Sabotage is in metal mode, its aim is true and … Continue reading

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A week of Sabbath: Vol.4

What you get and what you see Things that don’t come easily Feeling happy in my pain Icicles within my brain …cocaine… So begins the first verse on ‘Snowblind‘, succinctly capturing the essence of the most unassumingly seductive of Black Sabbath classics. It is … Continue reading

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Titan Force’s silken writing and understated technicality

On Titan Force‘s high quality debut from 1989 are present two songs of particular brilliance; ‘Master Of Disguise‘ and ‘Lord Of Desire‘ are relaxed in sound but under their deceptively simple exterior lies a natural and acute songwriting nous. Rare are … Continue reading

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Sacral Rage’s Illusions In Infinite Void and originality

Sacral Rage – Illusions In Infinite Void  Sacral Rage play heavy metal of many, many parts, all grounded in 80s acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mekong Delta, Megadeth, ADX, Toxik, Crimson Glory, and Voivod. That may read like a … Continue reading

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Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves (2014)

Honest and redolent of simpler times, Johnny Touch play the grittier, rock-tinged heavy metal – British (Saxon), French (ADX, Sortilege), and American (Warlord, Fifth Angel) – of the first half of the eighties. Inner City Wolves is a studied replica of a bygone … Continue reading

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The aristocracy of Judas Priest

There has always been a regal touch to Judas Priest that has set them apart from every other heavy metal band in history, and it has persisted through their various stages; in their origins in the bell-bottom progressive rock of the … Continue reading

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Disinterring the past: Gods Tower’s The Turns and noble heathenism

There is a home I live alone The storming waters in my pond Unbeaten tracks and endless road Since the creation of the world And I don’t pine for if I die And I don’t pine for if I lie … Continue reading

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Albatross – Fear From The Skies (2015)

Fear From The Skies is a slow-burning and strangely interesting debut album from heavy metal band Albatross. This band’s focus has always been on telling a cogent story through music, in the tradition of its chief influence King Diamond. Unsurprisingly then, songs … Continue reading

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