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5 Indian bands that don’t completely blow ass

It is no easy task to discuss Indian heavy metal. There aren’t enough good bands, and the decent ones don’t stick to an “Indian” niche (except perhaps in the state of West Bengal where copying old death metal and thrash is … Continue reading

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Dying Embrace – Era Of Tribulation (2012)

Doom is a particularly peculiar branch of the heavy metal tree. Most metal strives towards an empowerment of the individual, and an emancipation of bonds, imposed and self-wrought. Metal is an inner liberation that spreads to the extremities and beyond, … Continue reading

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Motorhead Tribute India Review (2013)

There is a veritable bootstrapping industry of cool that has sprung up around Motorhead and Lemmy, a sacred cow that no aspiring or self-respecting metalhead dares run off the street. Of course, with due credit, Lemmy has done little else than … Continue reading

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