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Retrospective: Deeds Of Flesh’s Reduced To Ashes

Like forebears Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh made their name on the back of unremitting structural soundness. The lack of palpable emotional content in their oeuvre, coupled with an unerring, almost mechanical consistency in delivery, has robbed them of their position … Continue reading

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Atonality, serialism, and death metal

Atonality in music is the lack of adherence to a tonal center for the duration of a piece or section. Tonal music functions within the framework of a specific key and the modes that are derived from it. Atonal music … Continue reading

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Motific clusterfuck: Anata vs Deeds Of Flesh

There was a time I remember when I had a higher opinion of Anata, at least as technically nimble metal goes. But the much acclaimed Under A Stone With No Inscription, after an almost decade-long gap between listens, now presents … Continue reading

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Mortal Decay – The Blueprint For Blood Splatter Review (2013)

  Originally written for metalbase.in/metalspree Never judge a book by its cover. Pre-split Mortal Decay were one of the most fascinating bands doing the rounds of the brutal death metal scene around the turn of the century. While superficially meeting … Continue reading

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