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The curse of blanket assumptions

Blood overcomes flesh Sulphur overcomes silver Strictness kills mercy, And fire overcomes earth And when the sun sets, It’s red, you see An Omen for when the final dusk comes -Condemner, Omens of Perdition Sometimes, generalizations are made to serve … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Horrified, Chemical Exposure, Altars of Madness, and I.N.R.I.

A fine test of whether you take yourself altogether too seriously is to stay locked up in a room and play the four titles mentioned in this post’s header. If you can’t contain yourself from running around with mad abandon … Continue reading

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Two promising demos from 2017: Sickness (Finland) and Moenen of Xezbeth (Belgium)

    Extreme metal should have always remained lo-fi, a sentiment previously expressed and one to abide by. In a technologically advanced age, however, a tendency such as this could be construed as mere gimmick if the grime doesn’t in fact … Continue reading

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Phrenelith – Desolate Endscape (2017)

As Incantation slide further into impressionistic senility, Phrenelith appear on the scene seemingly well-equipped to carry the baton forward. Techniques from that school are found in abundance on Desolate Endscape, be it the scaffolding riff lines rooted in chromaticism, the … Continue reading

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Neocaesar – 11:11 (2017)

Year 2017 presents an interesting clash between former cohorts in death metal. Sinister, containing only Aad Kloosterwaard from the original lineup, have released Syncretism; Neocaesar, on the other hand, are a band formed from some of the most significant personnel … Continue reading

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Dr. Shrinker – Contorted Dioramic Palette (2015)

“The Doctor is in” Back in the ’90s, the American Midwest was home to some of the most individualistic death metal in the underground. DIY in aesthetic and genuinely creative as a spill over from that spirit of independence, bands … Continue reading

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Daemoniac – Spawn Of The Fallen (2017)

Daemoniac from Italy release a galvanizing, no-bullshit death metal debut in Spawn Of The Fallen. An album that initially seems marred by atrocious production on the cymbals gradually works its way in by strength of character and composition; midway through, all … Continue reading

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Mortem – Deinós Nekrómantis (2016)

Mortem are among two handfuls of extant bands still versed in the art of riff-based death metal. No synthetic asides are to be found in their oeuvre; mood and atmosphere are instead created through perpetual motion, and an innate aversion … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Marduk’s Dark Endless is an underappreciated death metal classic

Like Darkthrone, Marduk started off as a death metal band, before switching styles to the infamous “norsecore” sound of the 90s. Unlike Soulside Journey, however, Dark Endless has never met real acclaim, but I believe the time has arrived to appreciate … Continue reading

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In praise of The Chasm

We spurn that which lies under our nose but don’t know its value until it’s gone. It has always seemed a little bemusing to me that The Chasm‘s credentials have been open to debate; not because debate is bad but because the … Continue reading

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