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Magnum Itiner Interius – Interspaceframe (2018)

Magnum Itiner Interius – Interspaceframe Interspaceframe is The Chasm frontman Daniel Corchado’s first real exploration of a non-metal medium. The textures found on this recording share much in common with Vangelis, Brian Eno‘s Apollo recordings, Carbon Based Lifeforms, and 80s … Continue reading

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The Chasm – A Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain: Phase I (2017)

The most pertinent conjecture in the lead-up to this fully instrumental The Chasm album was how freedom from the vocal straitjacket would affect songwriting. Surely, not having to make provision for vocal spots would, or ought to, give songs more … Continue reading

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In praise of The Chasm

We spurn that which lies under our nose but¬†don’t know its value¬†until it’s gone. It has always seemed a little bemusing to me that The Chasm‘s credentials have been open to debate; not because debate is bad but because the … Continue reading

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