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Consume The Forsaken, a tour de force of brutality

Having talked about brutal death metal in less than glowing terms previously, I am now about to plump for what is widely considered as the quintessential brutal death metal band. Disgorge from California pushed the Suffocation template to its extreme, … Continue reading

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Suffocation discography overview: post-reunion

Suffocation‘s albums since their reunion in 2003 have seen the band rein in the speed of their youth for a more simmering style. Mike Smith returned and then left again, while Guy Marchais and Derek Boyer consolidated their positions on … Continue reading

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Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer Review

Gutslit‘s brand of groove-oriented brutal death metal is at its most potent when they forget they’re supposed to bring the big slams. Like most music of this ilk, the riff is the focal point here, subject to multiple iterations that … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Beheaded – Perpetual Mockery (1998)

Beheaded from little Malta went on to become one of the bigger brutal death metal bands of the 00s but their debut Perpetual Mockery was a somewhat different animal from the relatively orthodox Suffocation-leanings they adopted later on. Perpetual Mockery … Continue reading

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Mortal Decay – The Blueprint For Blood Splatter Review (2013)

  Originally written for metalbase.in/metalspree Never judge a book by its cover. Pre-split Mortal Decay were one of the most fascinating bands doing the rounds of the brutal death metal scene around the turn of the century. While superficially meeting … Continue reading

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