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War metal is musically closer to grindcore than it is to metal

The defining characteristics of grindcore are: Emancipation from the structural rigidity of traditional metal. Where metal retains its compositional character, grindcore cares little for such considerations, and in fact pursues a ‘destructional’ agenda that seeks to boil music down to … Continue reading

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Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis (2012)

Marty Friedman, in his excellent guitar tutorial Melodic Control where he illustrates following chord progressions accurately and soloing over them with corresponding arpeggios instead of staying in one key throughout as is the studied norm, talks about the importance of … Continue reading

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Genocide Shrines – Devanation Monumentemples EP Review (2012)

Aside from inventive use of portmanteau, Genocide Shrines offer little of novelty on their debut EP. The riffs here, simplistic as they are,  lie buried under an overwhelmingly reverb-soaked production, a bane of more than one modern band working the … Continue reading

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