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Spirituality in black metal and Highland’s Loyal to the Night Sky

D.A.R.G. left an interesting comment on a previous post which expressed my general ambivalence towards what passes for black metal today. According to him, “…what we want from black metal, is its capacity to transmit an experience of transformation, of … Continue reading

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Horn – Turm am Hang (2017)

At this point in time, Horn is an identity unto itself, heedless of whatever genre constraints one wants to impose on it. Unabashedly melodic but in all the right ways, unafraid to refer to styles on the peripheries of black … Continue reading

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Clandestine Blaze – City of Slaughter (2017)

Mikko Aspa’s Clandestine Blaze remains one of the more undersung projects in black metal. On initial listens little more than a homage to Darkthrone‘s trilogy of classics, there is a gravitas and a seriousness which emanates from all of this … Continue reading

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Uruk – Battle Hymns EP (2016)

Battle Hymns is a new black metal recording from the United States that creates a rich and swirling mood of epic conflict, without resorting to either overt dissonance or shapeless white noise. Progressive in both technique and internal song evolution, Uruk succeed … Continue reading

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Mysticum – Planet Satan (2014)

Humanity may be in equal parts both human and inhuman, but to be inhuman is in fact a part of being human. Nothing man does is outside of nature, as unnatural as his acts may seem to idealistic eyes. Good … Continue reading

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Extreme metal, old and new

Originally written for deathmetal.org A reader recently posted a comment asking my opinion on modern extreme metal bands like Teitanblood and Ascension. We often take it as an article of faith that modern metal is a fallen genre that parted … Continue reading

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Kaeck – Stormkult (2015)

Kaeck‘s Stormkult is a bonafide black metal blitzkrieg but some of the more intriguing questions it poses exist on a level external to what’s heard on record. Emotions mature over time; hate and discontent of the mind in particular are gradually … Continue reading

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Rituals Of A Blasphemer – Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus (2014)

Rituals Of A Blasphemer‘s main achievement on their debut is introducing significant tonal variation that travels the gamut, from pastoral, forest-at-night themed melodies to the sinister, low-frequency hugging characterized by the more primitive segment within black metal. What’s even more impressive is … Continue reading

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Genocide shrines – Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil (2015)

“…The problem is you view everything from your reclusive sit-in-a-room-and-comment perspective, and don’t take into account scene-specific demographics and also the need for bands to keep a certain type of sound alive…. Genocide Shrines very successfully channels the sound of … Continue reading

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Sorcier des Glaces – Ritual Of The End (2014)

[There were no keyboards used on this recording according to the liner notes] Sorcier des Glaces‘ sense of grandeur comes from open-ended, minor key progressions where notes climb up the reaches of the natural scale, but rarely return back to … Continue reading

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