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Kryptos – Coils Of Apollyon (2012)

Coils Of Apollyon is perhaps the first Kryptos album to communicate an urgent need to thrill while maintaining a semi-balanced state of structure on a micro and a holistic album-wide scale. Gone is much of the meandering songwriting that plagued … Continue reading

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Agathocles/Nauseate Split (2014)

NitroPunk writes about the fresh Agathocles/Nauseate split CD In Grind We Crust This is a strong split CD between Indian grindcore flag bearers Nauseate and highly revered mince scene legends Agathocles from Belgium. Both bands subscribe to similar schools of … Continue reading

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The state of grindcore in India

  One of the side effects of the You Tube era is a bypassing of the natural evolution of the music fan. The suggestions side panel, as useful a device as it can be in judicious hands, has also helped … Continue reading

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Dr. Butcher/Hydropneumothorax/Festered Wound 3-Way Review (2013)

Here is a surprisingly diverse collection of goregrind ditties put together by Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions, a testament to what misfits worldwide can get up to in between frequent sessions of self-help. Two one-man projects from either side of the … Continue reading

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Gig Report: Garage Jam

Expectations are a bitch, aren’t they? Clutching on to a phone, your inbox, your horoscope if you’re so inclined; just how many times have you ended up with the proverbial egg on your face, feeling like a deflated balloon as … Continue reading

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