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Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Autopsy (Mental Funeral) vs Asphyx (The Rack)

  Impressionistic appraisal: Autopsy’s Mental Funeral (1991) Psychologically devastating death metal, like walking in from the winter snow, into an abattoir, floor slick with the unidentifiable entrails of once-living organisms. Impressionistic appraisal: Asphyx’s The Rack (1991) ‘An Ode To A … Continue reading

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Pitting Scream Bloody Gore against Severed Survival

It is often forgotten that Chris Reifert drummed on the first Death full length before going on to form the hugely influential Autopsy. Severed Survival has always seemed a companion album to Scream Bloody Gore, and while a certain amount of … Continue reading

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Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves (2014)

Legendary old school band Autopsy show young upstarts a thing or two on their third post-reunion album. Working within a limited template consisting of at least 30% punk variants and utterly unpretentious, grave-robbing death metal making up the rest, Autopsy … Continue reading

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Bones – Sons Of Sleaze Review (2013)

Originally written for http://transcendingobscurity.com The guitar tone on Sons Of Sleaze is a sine wave pulsing with fuzzed out energy, pre-packaged with toxic hazard sign and all. Unwashed, unkempt, and reeking of last week’s rum and pizza binge, Illinois’ Bones … Continue reading

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Sorcery – Arrival At Six Review (2013)

Sorcery is a band that has attained a fair bit of posthumous infamy. Formed in the late 80s with the rest of the Swedish brigade, albeit  with a curious twist, Sorcery put out one album, ‘Bloodchilling Tales‘, back in 1991 … Continue reading

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