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Ares Kingdom – By The Light Of Their Destruction (2019)

By The Light Of Their Destruction On their new album, Ares Kingdom have traded the anthemic qualities of their first three albums for a deliberately spacier and obscure sound. Appropriately, the band has mined its own past for inspiration; as … Continue reading

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Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead (2015)

To understand Ares Kingdom, one has to telegraph not only the band’s intentions in the present day but also their formative¬†influences. Ares Kingdom‘s sound is built on a foundation of 80s underground death/thrash as performed by the likes of Sacrifice, … Continue reading

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What does metal mean to women?

How many female metal fans do you know with whom you can get into ultra-animated, impassioned discussions the way you do with other menfolk? No doubt there is a sizeable presence of women within metal circles, and a few have … Continue reading

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Ares Kingdom – Veneration (2013) Review

For those in the know, Ares Kingdom remain one of the most relevant bands in the underground today and the epitome of everything that heavy metal can and should be. Wearing their 80s influences loud and proud on their sleeves … Continue reading

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