Star Wars: The Complete Saga [9 Discs / Blu-ray] (blu-ray Disc) (gift Set)

Episode II was the primary film within the sequence to be shot, processed, and edited with a wholly digital workflow, nevertheless it was felt at the time that a variety of the digital footage was too sharp, so it was softened in publish. That’s not to say there’s no nice element on display here—there definitely is, particularly within the intricacies of the pc generated imagery—just not as a lot as there is in Revenge of the Sith, where Lucas and Co. fully embraced digital filmmaking. I have a concept about George Lucas, and it has to do with third-world cult-of persona dictators. Why is it that dictators at all times wear the most ridiculous outfits? In his green jumpsuit, Kim Jong-il seems like an elevator repairman.

Not good like, “Yeah, they seem generally true-to-source and, no, there’s no muffling or something,” but good like, “Yes. Hell sure. This is what sci-fi ought to sound like.” Perfect as in fully exemplary in all the methods you’d hope they’d be. Episode III is on a whole totally different picture high quality plane of existence. This is the outright stunner of the prequels, with a level of readability and shade that approaches Avatar and other high-profile eye-candy releases. You can see immediately how a lot crisper and extra detailedeverything is here, CGI and live-action material alike.

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Let’s get the unhealthy out of the method in which first. Somehow it seems appropriate that the worst movie within the series would have the worst image high quality of the set, but it’s still disappointing. The main wrongdoer here is digital noise discount. Unlike the other two prequels,Episode I was shot on 35mm, however here it has been pretty strongly filtered in order that grain is scrubbed out, giving a more video-ish appearance. I’m assuming this was in all probability carried out to give a way of visible continuity to the prequels, nevertheless it regularly results in softened textures and smeared over element.

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I get it, Lucas was trying to make Han extra sympathetic, and fewer of a roguish badass, but we like Han precisely as a end result of he would not hesitate to shoot first in A New Hope. Inevitably, this modification diminishes the arc Han makes as a personality between the first film and Return of the Jedi. For essentially the most part, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has not made any radical adjustments to the six high-definition Blu-rays that had been previously released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment between 2011 and 2015. I am sure that the reviewers at and different residence video evaluate sites can tell you more than I ever could if BVHE and Lucasfilm have tinkered with the digital noise reduction or made any other arcane technical refinements to the six Lucas Era Episodes. If you have been holding out hope that the unique trilogy in all its untouched glory could be included right here on Blu-ray through seamless branching expertise, I’m afraid you are going to be dissatisfied. Almighty George has seen match to base the model new Blu-rays exclusively on the 1997 “Special Editions,” including a lot of the extra adjustments from the 2004 re-release.

star wars: the complete saga [9 discs / blu-ray] (blu-ray disc) (gift set)

But, if you’re like me, you’re in all probability extra interested in how faithfully the original trilogy has been ported to Blu-ray. We’ve already coated content material, in fact, so I’m speaking cosmetically. Unlike the prequels, which look fairly totally different from one to the next—especially in the bounce from the second to the third—the 1080p/AVC-encoded transfers of the three “traditional” Star Wars movies are pretty in preserving with one another and, in a word,amazing.

The filtering has been deserted in favor of an exceptionally resolved picture. See the fabric of General Grievous’ cape. The clear strains of the nascent Darth Vader’s shiny new helmet.

Of course, you understand exactly what I’m talking about—the numerous modifications Lucas has made to Star Wars beginning with the 1997 “Special Editions,” the place he added or altered a number of sequences in the original trilogy in order to convey them closer to his vision for the way the movies ought to be. And later, to provide further continuity between the unique films and the generally panned prequel trilogy, even more modifications have been made for the 2004 DVD re-release, newly angering a large swath of followers. Many of the adjustments have been restorative and cosmetic—like fixing certain particular effects that never actually worked within the first place—but others blatantly shifted the tone and tenor of the movies. The most infamous example might be the entire “Han Shot First” debacle, where Lucas went in and re-edited a scene in the Mos Eisley cantina to make it seem like Han Solo shot the bounty hunter Greedo defensively, and never pre-emptively.

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If you have been following the news of this release, you already know what I’m referring to; in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader grabs the Emperor to throw him over the railing, he now lets out a goofy cry of “NOOOOO,” a mirroring of the scene in Revenge of the Sith when he is first reborn as a darkish Sith lord. It’s foolish and over-obvious and utterly unnecessary. I’m certain hardcore followers shall be cataloging the variations between the DVDs and Blu-rays for weeks to return, however these are the massive ones. A very long time ago—1973—in a galaxy far, far away—Los Angeles—a young filmmaker named George Lucas started working on a script remedy for a narrative referred to as The Star Wars.

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The second factor you’ll notice is that at the center of the case, there’s a seam that runs from the highest to the underside. To open the field, you must gently slide the two halves of the field aside to reveal a tray that holds the DigiBook and its assortment of Blu-rays. Do notice that discs one and two embrace English SDH, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portugeues subtitles, whereas the features on disc three embody subs in these languages, plus Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Greek.