Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (2007)

In the identical 12 months for Australia, it is the eighth best-selling game while the Wii version is quantity 4. The sport is listed within the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2010 guide because the “Best-selling gaming character cross-over” with 7.09 million on Wii and 4.22 million copies on DS offered. In the USA Wii industrial of the sport, the performed song known as “The Final Countdown” by the Swedish hard rock, heavy metal and glam steel band Europe. The fourth sport, nonetheless, was revealed by Nintendo outside of Japan rather than Sega. Team Sonic Emblem – Receive gold medals in all occasions for all Sonic characters. Team Mario Emblem – Receive gold medals in all occasions for all Mario characters.

The player can assume the position as certainly one of these characters while competing in opposition to the others in quite a few Olympic events in addition to fantasy occasions. Since the beginning of the sequence, neither the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea nor the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China have had Mario & Sonic games to coincide with their occasions. In the former’s case, Ubisoft acquired the rights to make video games for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games before Sega could. Both versions feature a gallery the place facts and trivias can be found. In order to reply the question, the participant has to play a mini-game. Unlocking all mini-games in a bit will unlock a tune from both sequence.


The developer adopted the IOC’s mission to promote a sporting spirit and wished to curiosity young people in the Olympics with its newly acquired license. The company determined to base the sports sport round its characters that “young individuals love and are very iconic” as an alternative of creating a more practical simulation. Sega then requested Nintendo for permission to include Mario within the recreation, establishing the first matchup between their mascots. Nintendo accredited and partnered with Sega in-house to add one other layer of quality management to the development. Both corporations felt that the aggressive sportsmanship of the Olympic Games offered a super choice as a setting for the once-rival mascots. Both variations function a gallery mode where transient facts in regards to the Olympics could be found.

The sport went on to promote over two million items combined within the nation. According to the NPD Group, the Wii game was one of many top-ten best-sellers for the month of December 2007 within the United States, selling 613,000 models. Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst Jesse Divnich argued the sport is a fitting example of brand consciousness’ function in figuring out Wii recreation gross sales. The Wii is an exception to the correlation that greater quality games lead to better sales as seen on the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation three. Silver the Hedgehog, Jet the Hawk, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, Espio the Chameleon, Rouge the Bat, Donkey Kong, Birdo, and a Goomba had been all imagined to be playable characters on this game, but had been scrapped.

Mario & Sonic Series

Dan Hsu of Electronic Gaming Monthly talked about that the controls have been sophisticated for a game that should be a “pure pick-up-and-play get together sport”. Tae Kim mentioned the occasions have been “short and fairly shallow” and principally required gamers to maneuver the “Wii Remote and Nunchuks in specific ways—rapidly up and down for running events, for instance”. Mark Bozon of IGN called Mario & Sonic a hit as a result of entertainment value derived from the slight variety of competitions provided within the recreation. Both reviewers favored the extra complicated aims discovered in the fantasy occasions of the sport, which shared attributes with that of the Mario sport video games and archery. GameSpot praised the Wii game for its wide number of events, however thought a quantity of them have been too similar to each other.

mario & sonic at the olympic games (2007)

Mario & Sonic on the Nintendo DS has 16 Olympic sports activities, most of them from the Wii model. Cycling and 10m Platform Diving are exclusive Olympic events on this handheld. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is the sixth installment within the collection, taking place in Tokyo of Japan, house of the 2020 Summer Olympics. It was launched for Nintendo Switch in 2019, with an arcade model released in Japan in 2020. Unlike earlier video games within the collection, most characters put on distinctive outfits that pertain to the chosen occasion, concurrently marking the primary time the place male characters put on sport-based clothing as a substitute of their standard attire.

Bowser and Peach are the one playable Mario characters to alter their voice actor in the course of the collection . Conversely, Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega are the only playable Sonic characters to keep their English voice actor in each installment . Another recreation called Sonic on the Olympic Games, this time set during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, was launched worldwide for iOS and Android on May 7, 2020. Despite the similar premise, no Mario characters or references appear in the game. In Mario & Sonic on the Olympic Games, there is a mode referred to as circuit mode.

The sequence has been general well-received by the media, primarily for being a crossover between Mario and Sonic, with the gameplay and multiplayer having been praised as nicely. However, it has been criticized for the selection of setting for each collection, the controls, and having the Olympics be the only theme within the collection. Although the Wii version of Mario and Sonic was awarded the “Best Wii game of 2007” at the Games Convention in Leipzig, it acquired mixed reactions from recreation critics; the DS version had a similar reception. A widespread grievance was that Sega and Nintendo failed to set the first matchup between their mascots in the style that made them famous—platform games.

The Wii sport has twenty Olympic occasions that are divided into eight completely different classifications; athletics, gymnastics, shooting, rowing, archery, aquatics, fencing and table tennis. All of these occasions are organized in the event and circuit modes. Some occasions corresponding to 4×100 m relay race, enable the player to have a staff of 4 characters. Circuit mode is where players compete for the very best general rating in a pre-determined sequence of occasions or design their very own circuit. In the single-player mission mode, every of the rivals has six character-specific missions to complete, however every of the characters statistics are not as balanced as in the principle recreation. For example, considered one of Mario’s missions, beating Sonic, is extra difficult right here.

Athletics – Triple JumpSprint down the runway towards the designated takeoff mark. Aquatics – 4x100m FreestyleFour group members take turns to swim two lengths every. Each player ought to contact the wall earlier than the next participant dives in. The first staff to have all 4 members full two lengths wins. Although both Nintendo and Sega worked on this collaboration, most of the development was dealt with by Sega.

Instead, the 2 companies threw Mario and Sonic into an Olympic-themed celebration online game, a transfer which Tae Kim of GamePro criticized as “a advertising device” to popularize the XXIX Olympic Games. Although the Wii model of the game was praised for being an entertaining multiplayer expertise, it was criticized for shallow gameplay and sophisticated guidelines and instructions. GameTrailers concluded that Mario & Sonic’s lack of “polish and simplicity” leaves the inconceivable grouping of mascots as its major attraction when compared to different get together video games launched for the platform.

A version of this sport was additionally released on mobile phones in June 2008, but lacked Mario characters and only included Sonic characters. Although the Wii and DS variations of the game function largely the identical occasions, every version has occasions that are not found in the different. For instance, the DS version has 10 m Platform Diving, biking, and five Dream Events—canoeing, boxing, basketball, long bounce, and skeet shooting—not featured on the Wii model.