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Music is amoral in essence

The debate over the musician’s social responsibility is moot. Music is an aesthetic phenomenon and should be judged on that ground alone. To pollute the experience with political consideration is to bring it just that much farther out of the … Continue reading

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Undergrind 2017 featuring Vader (September 24, Vapour Pub, Bangalore)

While every other purportedly metal concert in the country has been overrun by effete poseurs in sunglasses and patch-infested evening denim-wear, sold out by a whorish desire to appeal to the widest possible audience in chase of greater ROI, and … Continue reading

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The curse of blanket assumptions

Blood overcomes flesh Sulphur overcomes silver Strictness kills mercy, And fire overcomes earth And when the sun sets, It’s red, you see An Omen for when the final dusk comes -Condemner, Omens of Perdition Sometimes, generalizations are made to serve … Continue reading

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It is good to be human

A strange thing to say on a metal blog, very Biblical in its “…go forth, replenish and multiply, and establish thy dominion over all the fish of the water and the fowl of the air and everything that creepeth over … Continue reading

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Fetishizing elitism

A 300 lb narwhale talks of war and Satan and 88 with cartoonish glee. A man-child with poor bone formation holds his fist up against the backdrop of Belsen concentration camp, in tribute to the gods of war metal, but … Continue reading

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Speed Metal or Thrash Metal? Relic or relevant?

A gradual and systematic initiation into various metal styles – by circumstance more than intention – has ensured that I have never lost affection for older, simpler stylings. That affection doesn’t quite extend to newer bands attempting those old forms; … Continue reading

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A thought on counterpoint: works with black metal, not so much with death metal

Counterpoint in music is two or more competing voices in the same general musical space. Counterpoint is not the simple parallel harmonies practiced by the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest; these are essentially the same sequence of notes, … Continue reading

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Underground extreme metal should have always stayed lo-fi

While hearing the early Nuclear Death recordings today morning, I couldn’t help thinking┬áthat underground death metal and black metal should have always remained lo-fidelity in presentation and production.┬áThat Nuclear Death specialized in somewhat sloppy, grindcore-fused death metal may lead one … Continue reading

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What do we want from black metal?

It’s a question to which I have no conclusive answer. What makes it more perplexing is that the other branches of metal, namely traditional heavy metal and death metal, face no such indecisiveness. Traditional heavy metal revolves around the song … Continue reading

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A request to metal bands

I have a humble request to make of metal bands, both old and new, being held ransom by the PC brigade. Do not attempt to justify your actions or your words before this effete demographic. That demographic is not the … Continue reading

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