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What does veganism have to do with metal?

(1) The advent of social justice in heavy metal and ignorance of metal philosophy Thrash metal, speed metal, whatever one chooses to call it, did a profound ideological disservice to metal at large by introducing politically charged themes from the … Continue reading

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On suicide

There is one school of thought which deems suicide to be the ultimate display of cowardice. No one is excused from the troubles of life, as disparate and unjust as the degrees to which they are inflicted on various people … Continue reading

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What is the essence of metal? Part I

British philosopher John Locke in his seminal Essay Concerning Human Understanding wrote at length on the subject of essence or that which is immanent in an idea. To give the briefest of primers, ideas, according to Locke, can be classified as simple … Continue reading

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My take on elitism

This blog at times has been accused of promoting mediocre music. If such has been the case, then that would lie at cross purposes with the many vituperative posts previously published here, ranting against the rot plaguing the metal scene, … Continue reading

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Iron Maiden and plagiarism

Mark my words my soul lives on Please don’t worry cause I’ve have gone I’ve gone beyond to see the truth When your time is close at hand Maybe then you’ll understand Life down there is just a strange illusion … Continue reading

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Speed Metal or Thrash Metal? Relic or relevant?

A gradual and systematic initiation into various metal styles – by circumstance more than intention – has ensured that I have never lost affection for older, simpler stylings. That affection doesn’t quite extend to newer bands attempting those old forms; … Continue reading

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Who cries for the drummer?

My natural affinity and familiarity with the guitar insinuates itself into the posts on this blog. I have formerly expressed the opinion that metal is a predominantly melody-driven form, and since it arose from the ensemble tradition of rock n … Continue reading

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The lost concept of the demo

A promising young band which will remain unnamed released a demo last year and threw the proverbial kitchen sink at it. Chock full of riffs, perhaps far too much so, the demo presented precocious talent getting carried away in their … Continue reading

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What is reverse-discrimination?

The idea of reverse-discrimination is widely criticized as a non-starter but any idea that has mob approval behind it or against it deserves to be looked at closely. I am a brown man from a country with plenty of colonial baggage; … Continue reading

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A thought on counterpoint: works with black metal, not so much with death metal

Counterpoint in music is two or more competing voices in the same general musical space. Counterpoint is not the simple parallel harmonies practiced by the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest; these are essentially the same sequence of notes, … Continue reading

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