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Ancient Empire – Other World (2016)

The New Wave Of True Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) rages on with California’s Ancient Empire. The movement has now lasted for far too long and with far too much sincerity to be pigeonholed with other retro-themed metal subgenres. Big chords, rousing … Continue reading

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Blue Öyster Cult: The early albums

Rarely does one find dyed-in-the-wool metalheads making concessions in the direction of Blue Öyster Cult as a seminal proto-metal band. Their reluctance is understandable; beyond the radio hits (‘Don’t Fear The Reaper‘, ‘Burnin For You‘, and maybe a few songs … Continue reading

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Abominant’s Napalm Reign: Does all metal warrant release?

Why does a band like Abominant keep on with practically no recognition from the mainstream or the underground? Napalm Reign is this band’s eleventh full-length album in twenty years, but never once in all that time have I known them … Continue reading

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Solstice – To Sol a Thane (Demo, 2016)

It is a fool’s gold that makes rich a man now and your truth will buy you only the lonely walk to our hungry gallows – Solstice, ‘White Horse Hill’ For those in the know, Solstice have been one of … Continue reading

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Where dead angels lie

Destiny calls To leave these walls For only the fleece Can bring us peace I am to rule A king not a fool The prophecy I will defend And sail to the worlds end [Chorus] Fear the children slain of … Continue reading

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Iron Maiden and plagiarism

Mark my words my soul lives on Please don’t worry cause I’ve have gone I’ve gone beyond to see the truth When your time is close at hand Maybe then you’ll understand Life down there is just a strange illusion … Continue reading

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Horn – Turm am Hang (2017)

At this point in time, Horn is an identity unto itself, heedless of whatever genre constraints one wants to impose on it. Unabashedly melodic but in all the right ways, unafraid to refer to styles on the peripheries of black … Continue reading

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Speed Metal or Thrash Metal? Relic or relevant?

A gradual and systematic initiation into various metal styles – by circumstance more than intention – has ensured that I have never lost affection for older, simpler stylings. That affection doesn’t quite extend to newer bands attempting those old forms; … Continue reading

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Eternal Champion – Armor of Ire (2016)

A good song sung with conviction never goes out of fashion. Eternal Champion craft very good heavy metal songs indeed; in their slower moments reminiscent of post-reformation Manilla Road, as heard especially on Atlantis Rising and The Spiral Castle, in … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Pagan Altar’s Mythical And Magical

“Beware the Crow that stands alone, the one that watches and waits, Beware that unguarded moment, that subtle twist of fate. It may just be the eyes of the Crow man” Nunhead Cemetery in South London provided a perennial inspiration … Continue reading

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