Bylt Bylt-hudx5-bk Vehicle Heads Up Display

If I did not have already got a scan guage connected to the OBD port, I would buy one in a second. But I do not see how I may hook up each at the identical time.

bylt bylt-hudx5-bk vehicle heads up display

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bylt bylt-hudx5-bk vehicle heads up display

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Bylt Bylt

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Putting two devices on the OBD-II port could be similar to getting a community hub and plugging two computer systems right into a single community jack. Although I’m unsure if a scangauge and one of these would play well collectively. They would both be requesting the identical data from the engine computer at the similar time. I would think you can solely use separately as a end result of the protocol over CAN really only permits for one diagnostic tool to request data.

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Not certain I want another twine going across the dash and should stick to my old Ultra Gage. With GPS, TPMS, sprint cam and now if I get the HUD, I will feel like I am in the cockpit of a plane. Technically you should be succesful of “break up” the alerts coming out of the OBD-II port. All modern automobiles use CAN (Control-Area-Network) which is an ethernet like community. Would like to no my precise fuel consumption… They make a splitter for the OBD II port.

The least costly unit is shipped from China. I even have not had good experience with direct shipping from China. I now only get US or Canada warehoused purchases.