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Zealotry – The Last Witness (2016)

Not too long ago, I wrote a post on Gorgut‘s seminal album Obscura. In it, I suggested that Gorguts, in their almost painful need to innovate, stretched the metal envelope to the point of outright rupture. It is a position … Continue reading

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Zealotry – At the Nexus of All Stillborn Worlds (2018)

Zealotry‘s first two albums are fine case studies in modern, technical death metal. The Charnel Expanse combined influences from Demilich and Immolation in groove and chord shape without being as firmly rooted in the concise song format of either band. … Continue reading

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Thematic development: Three songs by The Chasm, Deathevokation, and Zealotry

Zealotry‘s latest album The Last Witness closes with ‘Silence‘, a song that instantly draws comparisons with Deathevokation‘s ‘As My Soul Gazes Skywards‘ from their lone full-length The Chalice Of Ages, and even further back in time, with ‘Confessions And A … Continue reading

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Childhood’s End, inspiration for the new Zealotry album

“The horizon draws close with frightening haste to suffocate us with the weight of our self-destructive legacy” In an ideal world, a metal album would be enjoyed on the levels of both music and lyric. Both aspects would reinforce each … Continue reading

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Norman Mailer’s The Naked And The Dead

Published in 1948, Norman Mailer’s debut novel The Naked And The Dead remains an incisive depiction of the soldier’s state of mind. The book is set on an island in the Pacific theater, as the United States tried to roll … Continue reading

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Consume The Forsaken, a tour de force of brutality

Having talked about brutal death metal in less than glowing terms previously, I am now about to plump for what is widely considered as the quintessential brutal death metal band. Disgorge from California pushed the Suffocation template to its extreme, … Continue reading

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Suffocation discography overview: post-reunion

Suffocation‘s albums since their reunion in 2003 have seen the band rein in the speed of their youth for a more simmering style. Mike Smith returned and then left again, while Guy Marchais and Derek Boyer consolidated their positions on … Continue reading

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Anal Blasphemy/Forbidden Eye – The Perverse Worship Of Satanic Sins (2014)

Distracting cover art notwithstanding, this split offers a potent blend of first and second wave black metal swimming in high gain. Eschewing modern fetishes for tinkering dissonance, both bands largely adhere to traditional black metal harmonies, with Anal Blasphemy coming … Continue reading

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Ares Kingdom – Veneration (2013) Review

For those in the know, Ares Kingdom remain one of the most relevant bands in the underground today and the epitome of everything that heavy metal can and should be. Wearing their 80s influences loud and proud on their sleeves … Continue reading

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Ominous Crucifix – Spell Of Damnation (2012) Review

What is it that we crave from death metal? An unbiased pummeling of the senses? Perhaps a showcasing of technical abilities? An overtly controversial stance, a warring of ideologies or maybe, fortuitously,  a burnishing of mental acuities? Elite death metal … Continue reading

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