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Abhomine – Proselyte Parasite Plague (2020)

Pete Helmkamp continues to snarl and rave on the latest Abhomine. His interests have always veered towards more minimalistic expressions of brutality compared to his former bandmate in Order From Chaos, Chuck Keller. Accordingly, Proselyte Parasite Plague shares the fuzzed-out … Continue reading

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A thought on Immolation’s Atonement

Immolation have traditionally excelled at creating melody out of dissonance. Individual parts which in isolation have little melodic quotient come together in gestalt formation to realize dark and grand musical themes. In so much, truly this band has strived for … Continue reading

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Save the cowbell, Don’t Fear The Reaper is a gothic classic

All our times have comeHere but now they’re goneSeasons don’t fear the reaperNor do the wind, the sun or the rainWe can be like they areDon’t fear the reaper ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper‘ is the most well-known song from Blue … Continue reading

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