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Undersave – Sadistic Iterations…Tales of Mental Rearrangement (2018)

Undersave play Anxiety Inducing Death Metal. There is no such thing of course, but if a death metal band was to make a feast of transcribing what someone in the middle of a panic attack feels like, then this would … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Afterlife – Surreality (1992)

Afterlife was yet another in a slew of death metal bands from the American Midwest of the early 90s specializing in an eccentric, DIY aesthetic. In stark contrast with the more renowned and professional sounding music from the coasts, these … Continue reading

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Mefitis – Widdrim Hymn (2018)

Mefitis – Widdrim Hymn This short EP from black-death band Mefitis reinjects the potency of narrative sorely gone missing from modern black metal, calling to mind the emotionally layered tapestries of such classics as Dissection¬†and Dawn. Where your garden-variety “orthodox” … Continue reading

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