Death Metal Battle Royale Round 2: Format

For Round 2 battles, I’m tweaking the format a little. Head-to-head comparisons between albums will now be made based on a series of objective/subjective criteria. Depending on how the albums fare against each other in this regard, a point will be added or deducted from their score. In case of indecision, both albums will be awarded one point each; in case of a tie, the result of the poll will be honored.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Internal cohesion at the level of riff
  2. Overarching logic in the context of song
  3. Melodic contiguity through the song
  4. Role of percussion
  5. Progressive aspiration
  6. Album-wide unity as a sum of the above
  7. Ideological/Philosophical significance as death metal
  8. Emotional resonance

May the best album win.


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