Funebrarum – Exhumation of the Ancient EP (2016)

For smart money, Funebrarum have done the Finnish style of raw death metal better than the rest of the resurrectionary guard. Sophomore album The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams skipped over geographic boundaries and adopted a distinctly Swedish styling, but this EP brings back the suffocating atmosphere perfected on Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods. Short-lived cult band Abhorrence and early Grave are the chief influences here as ever, but song writing now fleetingly reveals a twisting dynamic reminiscent of Hallucinating Anxiety-time Cadaver, the grinding mannerisms of bands like Dead Infection and Xysma, and vocals distorted like Antimo Buonnano’s work with Mexigorge.

Those are a lot of references, but they come in handy while describing this style of death metal. Build-up is Godhead to it; Funebrarum approach their music much like how a doom metal band would. Rarely do they jump headlong into a song; there is a premise, its deliberate development, and eventual conclusion. Like all Finnish death metal, these songs are not without a sense of melody after its own kind; a moody lead guitar plays a pivotal role in driving that melodic momentum, acting as both solo organ and harmonic accompaniment; that this is a death metal of vast spaces, even when the band is in the midst of a spell of intense activity, only serves to accentuate the musically necrotic universe in which it exists.

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