A request to metal bands


I have a humble request to make of metal bands, both old and new, being held ransom by the PC brigade. Do not attempt to justify your actions or your words before this effete demographic. That demographic is not the one which has supported you over the years; it is merely piggybacking on your unapologetic assertions to make itself seem important. It is us, the true and mostly silent majority, who have appreciated you for your music, and who have had the emotional maturity to move past your political stances if they perchance didn’t dovetail with our personal convictions, without making a precious spectacle of ourselves. Because on a tacit level, we know that artistic expression does not always have to originate from a place of good cheer and benevolence. The artist bears no social responsibility whilst in the act of creating; he might have to face the repercussions originating from a hopelessly churlish and polarized world in the aftermath of that creative process, but such considerations ought never to interrupt the emanation of will that is the creating itself.

K.K. Warslut of Destroyer 666 initially handled the libel heaped on him recently by the critters over at Metalsucks by pushing back hard and calling them out for their overweening moral policing. His rants were lewd and crude, but also the only language these types deserve and understand. There is no reasoning with someone so imperviously assured of their own moral sanctity, and the aspersions they see fit to hurl at others from their lofty vantage point; mockery and outright disdain are the best ways to deal with them.

Interspersed in between K.K.’s tirades, however, was also a sort of defensive impulse, an anxiety wishing to distance itself from the controversial allegations leveled at him. From where does this defensive mindset arise? Perhaps from a genuine sense of hurt, perhaps from the fear of authorities latching on to internet gossip and black-booking him in various countries. If the latter, it is understandable, even perfectly within the realm of possibility today, but if you see fit to have strong opinions in an ideologically compromised world, if you think they’re worthy of being expressed in a public forum, then you should expect equally strong reactions, and therefore educate and protect yourself against those reactions accordingly.

From experience, I realize this is easier said than done. When someone commits slander against you, the primal itch is to lash out, to protect yourself against that which has been falsely attributed to you. Over a period of time, however, one realizes – and I hope more people in metal bands realize this, too – that the opinion of those who so willingly buy into such slander simply does not matter. Your unfiltered views on life make you who you are, and by conjunction make your music what it is, too; to dilute those views to fit within a wider consensus would be to kill a little bit of yourself. The kind of person who derives joy from conjecturing over another’s moral character based on his political leaning is not one you would want to be personally acquainted with, anyway. In all likelihood, he isn’t someone who would be willing to stand up to you in a physical confrontation, either; look around the internet at the quintessential SJW, and you’ll find this to be true.

Swat him aside, then, with the arrogance befitting a bull dismissing a pesky flea. Be incorrigible. Make yourself repulsive to sheep-think; it won’t need any special effort, simply a logical extension of whatever your current thought processes may be. Raise the bar of what you expect from the people who you would like to listen to your music. No more of the hippie “We don’t care who we play for, we just wanna play!” tunnel vision. Develop a siege mentality, but also never cease to plough on indomitably. Research the avenues you choose to promote your music. Associate with organizers and venues who are willing to take a blow for you. Be shrewd, identify like-minded souls, and shun everybody else. Your true fans will stand by you as they have uncomplainingly over time. All they expect from you is a show of pride and self-respect.


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1 Response to A request to metal bands

  1. Shiva says:

    on the other hand, metal bands with dodgy ideological affiliations need to fully own their convictions rather than separating it from their musical project, as darken attempted to do (“graveland has nothing to do with my views etc”). regardless of whether it is in fact separate and irrelevant to the project, your association with the project automatically creates an association between the ideology and the artistic endeavor, which people will latch onto it. they can’t and won’t be exempt from the possible consequences of having said convictions, and the whole antifa debacle is testament to that – if you have strong views, expect those opposed to it to show opposition, aggressive even, with guaranteed collateral damage (in this case, the fans and the fest organizers). that’s the price you pay for committal racial ideologies and similar “triggering” shit.

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