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A nation of metalheads

Every now and then, one comes across conjecture over what a nation comprising of hessian metalheads would be like. After all, it is only natural to want to live amongst those we perceive as sharing similar ideals and perspectives on … Continue reading

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Mortem – Deinós Nekrómantis (2016)

Mortem are among two handfuls of extant bands still versed in the art of riff-based death metal. No synthetic asides are to be found in their oeuvre; mood and atmosphere are instead created through perpetual motion, and an innate aversion … Continue reading

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Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (2016)

Camphora Monobromata from Russia play mincecore, a strain of grindcore which adherents stress has its own unique identity. The lay listener can conveniently dispose of such distinctions and consider this grindcore for all intents and purposes, but for what it’s … Continue reading

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Cognizant – Cognizant (2016)

The millstone around the neck of grindcore, if one considers it in its truest sense, is that it cannot be technical. Millstone, because grindcore’s simplicity is its selling point, yet its cross to bear, too. Many bands over the years have … Continue reading

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A request to metal bands

I have a humble request to make of metal bands, both old and new, being held ransom by the PC brigade. Do not attempt to justify your actions or your words before this effete demographic. That demographic is not the … Continue reading

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Horn – Feldpost (2015)

Feldpost is the continuation of Nerrath’s heroic and curiously old-world take on black metal. The general vibe of this project is far from the caustic variety, but one is also loath to peg it squarely under the flower-power brand of … Continue reading

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Five heavy metal songs with great vocals

Extreme metal does not need melodically keen vocal patterns because it deals with irregular and dissonant intervals between notes. In keeping with this musical theme, then, vocalists suitably distort their delivery to sound more in concert with the songs. An … Continue reading

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Social Justice Pornography

It is hard to believe that any one person can be up in arms against social injustice, wherever it may be happening, all of their time, with complete sincerity. Individual spheres of concern stop applying beyond a certain radii; within … Continue reading

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