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The fight of old and new

It seems with time that the one great divide among people is that between the old and the new. Science, perhaps, is the sole human endeavour where linear, unmitigated, and peer-reviewed, progress for the sake of an abstract ideal of truth … Continue reading

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Urfaust – Empty Space Meditation (2016)

Empty Space Meditation is an album for the winter months. Each song here is a demonstration of a unique and not-always metal-related style of music. Equally at home among dark ambient, black metal, funeral doom’s homophonic dirge, gothic rock, and neoclassical … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Gruesome Malady – Infected With Virulent Seed (2003)

Few albums in extreme metal/goregrind history can rival the demented and perverted atmosphere evident on Infected With Virulent Seed; in that, at least, this album by the Bangalore, India project is every bit the equal of other landmarks like Acts … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Marduk’s Dark Endless is an underappreciated death metal classic

Like Darkthrone, Marduk started off as a death metal band, before switching styles to the infamous “norsecore” sound of the 90s. Unlike Soulside Journey, however, Dark Endless has never met real acclaim, but I believe the time has arrived to appreciate … Continue reading

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Ophidian Forest/Haeresiarchs Of Dis – Darkest Origins (2012)

Bandcamp This split collects unreleased songs from Ophidian Forest, and one-man American project Haeresiarchs Of Dis. A fine contrast of styles makes this one of the better black metal offerings of recent years. Ophidian Forest play nature-themed black metal that … Continue reading

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Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Sentenced’s North From Here vs The Chasm’s Deathcult For Eternity…The Triumph

   Impressionistic appraisal: The Chasm’s Deathcult For Eternity…The Triumph (1998) The Chasm raised a new style on the death metal firmament. Sorrowful like a cortege, but not wallowing in self-pity like early 90s Euro-doom, The Chasm‘s melancholy is cosmic yet … Continue reading

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