Death Metal Battle Royale


The Death Metal Battle Royale is a face-off between thirty-two of the finest death metal albums ever made. We all have our favourites, but rarely do we consider them in juxtaposition with a field as extensive as this. This will be an interesting comparison of musical styles, hopefully devoid of bias, and above all else, fun.

I have shortlisted these thirty-two albums from suggestions volunteered by blog readers. The attempt has been to make the field as even and “death metal” as possible; to that end, certain personal favourites and sacred cows have been left out. I have used the random bracket generator provided by a website specializing in such things. Matchups will be single elimination, beginning from the round of 32, and accompanied with analyses and final verdicts. Readers will be welcome to participate in pre-match polls, but the final call will rest with me. The aim here is not democracy, but participation, and discussion of the music we have grown to admire so much.

The bracket for the Death Metal Battle Royale can be accessed HERE:


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1 Response to Death Metal Battle Royale

  1. pat redux says:

    Brackets 1, 10 and 11 are guaranteed to cause tears and much gnashing of teeth.

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