Death By Fungi (India) – In Dearth Of (2016)


In Dearth Of can be heard here

I’m clueless about how hardcore has evolved over the last twenty years, so I will only share an impressionistic opinion of the brand played by Death By Fungi. Trace elements from forebears like Black Flag and Minor Threat anchor these four songs in the past simultaneously as they are pervaded with the genre-bending spirit of Refused‘s The Shape Of Punk To Come. Fleeting nods in the direction of Siege and Hatebreed amplify intensity when the band so chooses, but, if all these influences weren’t a heady enough concoction already, Death By Fungi also incorporate a healthy dose of Iron Maiden-style major key melodies done in the right manner, and what I can only surmise as being a hangover from emo.

What ties this glorious mess together is the band’s undeniable ear for crafting melodies and harmonics without appearing insincere or trite. Yes, In Dearth Of proudly boasts of the self-referential and self-righteous tone common to all hardcore; this is music about the individual, centered in the moment, and so is prey to the usual bouts of ‘I, Me, Myself‘. But for all that, I can’t fault the band’s intensity and skill at conveying a consistent platter of emotions over these short, explosive bursts of energy. Few Indian bands to my knowledge – metal, punk, or otherwise – have come close to capturing this visceral, urgent appeal, and I look forward to what Death By Fungi have to offer in the future.

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