Leper Messiah – Invocation For Gods…From The Real Abomination (2013)


Leper Messiah contains members from Necroccultus, but this debut is quite different from the feverish, distinctly Finnish vibes heard on Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation. There are no pretensions to atmosphere here; Leper Messiah are squarely rooted in the American death/grind camp, possible references being bands like Cardiac Arrest and the latest Embalmer. A slight melodic flair, and squirming, “love of lava” guitar solos perhaps differentiate this band from their northern relations, but the core MO remains the same: a short, no-bullshit grinding battery on the senses harboring no illusions of sophistication or subtlety.

Maybe that’s an obliquely harsh commentary; there is a definite niche for bands of this ilk that give no quarter to delicate sensibilities. In many ways, this is an unacknowledged part of the genetic material of death metal, and I can enjoy it in the spirit in which it is intended to be heard, but my only misgiving, especially with musicians of relatively proven pedigree such as these, is the sheer dearth of sideways movement in songwriting. Other than some slower sections thrown in for custom’s sake, there is practically nothing here to tell one song apart from another. In such a situation, bands like Cardiac Arrest, Embalmer, and Leper Messiah, become appreciable more as a stake in the sand for reclaiming an extreme metal scene increasingly beset by the effeminate element in the subculture, than for any redeeming musical qualities of their own. Some might say that is a yeoman service in its own right, and I would concur, but I also wish that these bands exercised a little more creativity in their music.

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