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Death Metal Battle Royale Round 1: Timeghoul (Discography) vs Incantation (Onward To Golgotha)

    Impressionistic appraisal: Timeghoul Discography (1992-1994) “I am a God, the prime being. I shall impale you on the crumbled pillars of the millenia“. Not just fighting words; Timeghoul‘s demos go a long way, perhaps farther than any death metal … Continue reading

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Death Metal Battle Royale

The Death Metal Battle Royale is a face-off between thirty-two of the finest death metal albums ever made. We all have our favourites, but rarely do we consider them in juxtaposition with a field as extensive as this. This will … Continue reading

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The Kindly Ones, by Jonathan Littell

The Kindly Ones is a French novel from 2006, written by American-French writer Jonathan Littell. The English translation has been done by Charlotte Mandell. Of all the places in the world, I chanced upon mention of this book in a … Continue reading

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Cóndor – Sangreal (2016)

This Colombian band’s trajectory over three albums has seen them continuously filter out elements that may have been considered extraneous to their sprawling, ambitious vision. That vision is one quite palpably dripping with melodic information, where the idea of stasis … Continue reading

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Atonality, serialism, and death metal

Atonality in music is the lack of adherence to a tonal center for the duration of a piece or section. Tonal music functions within the framework of a specific key and the modes that are derived from it. Atonal music … Continue reading

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Blues, Metal, and SJW outrage

A namby-pamby SJW from Bangalore, India, recently went on an ad hominem tirade against the perceived rejection of African-American blues as a founding element of heavy metal by a certain fringe, right-wing element. The accusation in all likelihood was aimed at Death … Continue reading

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On racism vs nationalism

The reptile part of my brain insinuates prejudice against certain groups of people, especially under specific, extenuating circumstances, but I like to think that I’m not a racist – and I use the subject of race interchangeably with genetics for the purposes of this … Continue reading

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Beithioch – Ghosts Of A World Long Forgotten (2016)

Ghosts Of A World Long Forgotten There are many noteworthy components to Beithioch‘s craft, one of which is reminiscent of the caustic technique used by Ildjarn on Strength And Anger, and Forest Poetry. Ildjarn‘s achievement, shunned by many because of its rudimentary … Continue reading

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This music we love…

I wrote about a young and promising hardcore band earlier today, but ever since then have drowned myself in the sounds of bands like Funebre, Necrony, and Soulside Journey-time Darkthrone. And the one thing that comes over like the warm … Continue reading

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Death By Fungi (India) – In Dearth Of (2016)

In Dearth Of can be heard here I’m clueless about how hardcore has evolved over the last twenty years, so I will only share an impressionistic opinion of the brand played by Death By Fungi. Trace elements from forebears like … Continue reading

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