Anorectal Ulceration – From Flesh To Liquid Mess (2015)

Anorectal Ulceration

Anorectal Ulceration play goregrind like Neurovisceral Exhumation, old Regurgitate, and pre-noise Last Days Of Humanity. Fans familiar with those names will know what to expect here; there are no moments of levity, no East European goofing around to be found on From Flesh To Liquid Mess. Anorectal Ulceration are part of a growing, underground goregrind scene (see Parazitosis, Biological Monstrosity, Hyperemesis, etc) attempting to resurrect the violence and atmosphere so sorely lacking in the Obscene Extreme brand of party-grind.

The template is simple enough; intros from Italian horror movies and Faces Of Death-style clips, pinging snares, and rapidly transitioning power chords announcing a descent into grinding fury. Like all classic goregrind, Anorectal Ulceration has a fleeting sense of thick groove about it, but not as a gratuitous end in itself; groove occasionally alleviates some tension, and is used as a plot device by much of the genre to keep touch with its roots, but the palpable feeling is, and ought to be, one of being hounded by a force of sonic terrorism.

This is fiercely subjective, but my fascination with goregrind done well has persisted over time, same as how the first thing I still key into Google search is “best horror films <insert decade>“. Unlike self-righteous grindcore, or the posturing of war metal – the two closest approximations to this style of music – goregrind retains a guileless humility about it. Lemmy Kilmister once sang, “Something in humanity is real keen to know. These days everybody gets to go to the murder show“. Goregrind gets this, and needs no cover of sophistication to convey the sentiment.

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