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Anorectal Ulceration – From Flesh To Liquid Mess (2015)

Anorectal Ulceration play goregrind like Neurovisceral Exhumation, old Regurgitate, and pre-noise Last Days Of Humanity. Fans familiar with those names will know what to expect here; there are no moments of levity, no East European goofing around to be found on … Continue reading

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Abhomine – Larvae Offal Swine (2016)

Abhomine is war metal in the sense of bands like Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, and Rites Of Thy Degringolade. Greater angularity in song-writing, and more lateral and vertical activity, separate this strain of the style from the more popular names … Continue reading

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Why black metal is dead

Black metal arose out of the maladjustment and disenchantment of a young generation with the over-the-top commercialism of the world around them. This angst found release in the techniques that black metal innovated, and the stubbornly lo-fi and inaccessible forms in … Continue reading

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I think we err in thinking of values as being unimpeachably universal, homogeneous principles. Rather, consider that values aren’t atomic units, but receptacles into which aspects of the collective human experience pour into. A value ought to arise of a weighing at … Continue reading

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Garroted – In The Court Of Nyarlathotep (2016)

Click to hear In The Court Of Nyarlathotep Garroted‘s first demo attempts to be restlessly progressive death metal by virtue of sheer rate of turnover of riffs, but comes up short on creating a consistent narrative of rolling highs and lows. The … Continue reading

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The Wakedead Gathering – Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre (2016)

Old extreme metal bands used theme – be it death, horror, violence, or mythology – as a coloring and driving agent for their music, without it detracting from the pursuit of the music itself, with all its preset white-knuckled aggression. New … Continue reading

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A week of Sabbath: Sabotage

Sabotage is easily the original Black Sabbath‘s most focused and consistent album, and a logical culmination of all the progressive tendencies that had been steadily creeping into the band’s arsenal. When Sabotage is in metal mode, its aim is true and … Continue reading

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A week of Sabbath: SBS

Feeling a little run over after Stateside debaucheries, Black Sabbath returned to their native England, and booked Clearwell Castle for the recording of their fifth album. As lore has it, the castle was haunted, and the band that spent the … Continue reading

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A week of Sabbath: Vol.4

What you get and what you see Things that don’t come easily Feeling happy in my pain Icicles within my brain …cocaine… So begins the first verse on ‘Snowblind‘, succinctly capturing the essence of the most unassumingly seductive of Black Sabbath classics. It is … Continue reading

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Old Mornings Dawn

Dew on shivering leaves. A cold dawn draped in mist. Horses nuzzling in a wind-hurried drizzle of rain. Life teems anew, in rock and reed. In the lowly puddle of water dispensing its centripetal dialogue. The smell of wet soil. A … Continue reading

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