What do metalheads stand for? Why won’t they pull the trigger?

Kill the plague

Another day, another outrageous band gets the ban of doom. This time it is Fornicator from Portland, Oregon that was barred from sharing the stage with Profanatica and Demoncy in Seattle. Fornicator is a band I remember from the early 00s. Signed to Moribund but sharing members with Razorback alumni like Engorged and Lord Gore, Fornicator played just the kind of schlocky, exploitation horror-death-grind that Razorback specialized in then. I have fond memories of that time for a variety of reasons, but even then, Fornicator didn’t seem much more than an over-the-top attempt (anyone remember Intense Hammer Rage?) at getting a rise out of…wait a sec, a rise out of whom exactly? I don’t recollect anyone so much as batting an eyelid at the antics of bands like these then. They came and they went like so much clockwork but their lack of political correctness did not register on any kind of seriously acknowledgeable level. We found something distasteful, so we moved on and left the offenders to their devices. The toys remained in the pram, we simply left the room.

But all that has changed today. Every three months or so, one gets to hear of a band being actively campaigned against by the social justice set. A Social Justice Warrior is someone who initially insinuates himself into a subculture, metal in this case, by being ignorant – either willfully or through plain stupidity – of the nasties that might be lurking in the shadows. Sooner than later, however, he achieves some kind of epiphany or moral awakening around the niche that he has carved out for himself in his chosen demographic. The younger lot pine after the pseudo-revolutionary to compensate for the vapidness of their lives (Conciliatory Note: my life is pretty vapid also but I prefer swimming in a pewter sea of nihilism instead \m/), and those approaching middle age sense that the time to make their mark on the world has passed them by, but both realize that the spotlight must not be relinquished. At any cost.

So they cling on for relevance and validation. Now they’re on the inside, masquerading as fans, they have a ready-made audience and the power of a dogmatically ossified secular education in their favour. They are the kind that finds safety in numbers, and the internet is naturally their great ally. They face their amplifiers outwards and the choir flocks in from all corners of the world wide web to respond to the mating call of self-righteous outrage. Hopelessly partisan socio-political agendas come to bear on the music, the toys no longer stay in the pram but are thrown out of the window by an entitled brat in a storm of dribbling spit and fury. The little cunt wants the whole room now, you see, and he doesn’t care if he whitewashes the walls around him in the process.

Indoctrination, intellectual dishonesty, and ignorant polarizing all around! This is the same crowd that would’ve been all for Occupy Wall Street, wearing their stupid Guy Fawkes masks. The same crowd that would’ve cheered the Greeks saying Oxi!, and then reviled Syriza for selling its people down the river. And yet, they now call for little less than riots in the aftermath of a perfectly lawful Brexit referendum, casting to the wolves the democratic virtue they so readily espouse at all other times, ignoring the arrogant bureaucracy, crony-capitalism, and denudation of sovereignty fostered by troika politics, not to mention the relentless goading of the Russian bear which has been a feature of the EU-NATO enterprise since day one. All so they can feel cozily nestled around their one-point, hippie-humanistic manifesto of immigration and free movement. An incestuous threesome of convenience, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy any way you see it.

Here’s part of a comment on the Fornicator coverage currently reading at Deathmetal.org:

Metal bands need to grow a pair and respond to these shit venues that book a show and then turn around and cancel. Its hard enough to organize a tour or a show without having to deal with bad venue etiquette. Not sure what action they could take, but at very least sticking up for other bands and boycotting crap venues and promotion companies that pull these kind of stunts.”

I see the sense in this and in metalheads speaking out against moral policing. Apparently, Paul Ledney (or was it Ixithra?) dedicated Profanatica‘s set to the banned Fornicator, but was that enough? Was he happy playing to a room full of namby pambies who gave him a free pass only because anti-Christian blasphemy has now attained the PG-wholesome status of a Big Mac? The problem with most real metalheads is that they shun the very spotlight that SJWs crave; they view their environment as a meta-commentary on life itself and so stay curiously detached from the prosaic nature of cyclical current events. But staying stubbornly non-committal on the things you say move you surely can’t be reconciled with the affirmation of will and imagination that is heavy metal.

I live in a country somewhat isolated from these happenings but funnily enough a friend and I were banned by organizers from attending Demilich‘s performance in Bangalore, India last year; allegedly because we tend to get overexcited at gigs, but the real reason was nothing more or less than personal animosity. Anyway, the organizers weren’t SJWs, just your regular brand of gormless dumbfuck, but at least five people that we know of refused to go to the gig because of this affair. Five people giving up their chance of watching a legendary band live so they could support their friends and brothers in metal. That kind of gesture counts for something.

What SJWs and these organizers do have in common is a controlling, ego-maniacal mindset to which the sheep accede to only too willingly. What they hope to achieve through their bullying and slander is to suppress for good those whose views are inimical to their private delusions of grandeur, so used are they to having their way. But our minds refuse to stay quiet and our tongue lashes out from behind its cage of teeth. O what a wonderful life it would be if only more joined in.

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3 Responses to What do metalheads stand for? Why won’t they pull the trigger?

  1. Anonymous says:

    how were you banned from attending the Demilich gig? Did the organizers know you personally? what do you mean you get “overexcited” at gigs?

    I’m just curious to know.

  2. anon says:

    Google tells me, a social justice warrior is a derogatory term for – A person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.

    Wondering if you’re annoyed at persons who promote socially progressive views, or persons that are low in intelligence?

    All of the examples you’ve given above sound like they’ve come about because socially inept persons of low intelligence and very little backbone have unfortunately had the power to make these decisions. Quite the opposite of social progression in fact.

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