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What do metalheads stand for? Why won’t they pull the trigger?

Another day, another outrageous band gets the ban of doom. This time it is Fornicator from Portland, Oregon that was barred from sharing the stage with Profanatica and Demoncy in Seattle. Fornicator is a band I remember from the early … Continue reading

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Realmbuilder – Blue Flame Cavalry (2013)

Realmbuilder play a minimalist style of heavy metal, but what is minimalism to heavy metal? It is a term we append almost reflexively to black metal and certain forms of death metal, but to heavy metal? The expansive and note-dense nature … Continue reading

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War as theme in metal and Ernst Jünger’s Storm Of Steel

Having never received a second of military training in my life, nor having participated in anything resembling armed conflict, I can’t help but cringe at the voyeuristic glee with which so many metal bands and fans treat of war as … Continue reading

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Borrowed Time – Borrowed Time (2013)

If god made man In his graven image Why quarrel with a jealous god? You know his nature so! Borrowed Time, Libertine Borrowed Time are no more, but on this, their sole full length, gave the world an album full … Continue reading

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Perfection in metal is elusive, originality misunderstood, enjoyment dead

To be on constant hunt for unalloyed perfection seems a misguided and ultimately futile investment of time to me. My experience has indicated that the best things in life, and so in metal, find you when you least expect them. But … Continue reading

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Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess (2013)

When presumption is on the rise and Christian creed fades away When the crucifix is torn from walls and banished to the grave When the red coats march the new roads, our frontline the Danube When pestilence is raging, the … Continue reading

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