Metal as ROI: On the demise of the Indian Metal Podcast

gone done it nah

Perennial blog favourite Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija recently announced the end of his Indian Metal Podcast. The podcast apparently ran for some six months and offered regular updates on music coming out of the depressing Indian metal scene. The Demonstealer’s somber justification can be seen in the video below, but the bare bones reveal the following:

(1) The podcast wasn’t getting enough views to justify further effort from an abnormally busy schedule.

(2) The podcast was a means of generating enough heat for the Demonstealer’s other endeavours, namely, Demonic Re$urrection, the tastelessly bacon-flaunting Headbanger’s Kitchen, etc.

(3) The Demonstealer didn’t want to spend any more time promoting other bands’ music and merchandise when he wasn’t seeing viable returns on his own projects.

(4) The podcast was done, not out of passion or love for metal or a misplaced sense of altruism; instead, as mentioned in (1), it was a venture that failed to meet hoped-for bottomlines.

(5) The Indian metal scene is fucked because people don’t buy music, people don’t go to gigs, don’t understand metal as lifestyle, etc.

Now, the obvious reaction to this drama would be L.M.A.O. Second reaction: Jesus Christ, let a big rock from outer space drop already.

Nobody holds a gun to another’s head in the great Indian metal scene. Nobody’s struggling to eat two square meals a day in the boring, suburban, middle class world that Indian metal inhabits either. If you don’t do whatever it is you’re doing for passion then why the fuck are you even here?

This baniya (mercantile for non-Indian readers) mentality is precisely the reason why Demonic Re$urrection‘s music has been ridiculed by serious metal fans. Forget the musical merits or lack thereof; to be creatively blessed is not a gift doled out with equal favour (though I’ve always thought of this project as being born out of childlike dreams of rockstardom rather than any real ideological conviction; the music itself is an amalgamation of “commercially extreme” modern/late 90s metal). But to base your interpretation of a purely spirit-driven musical form like metal on such a cynical business-like platform, to go into quasi-depression, to even fucking kill the incomparable joy of finding a new metal band with emotional appeal just because you don’t sell enough, and then to make a soul-baring martyr of yourself… it all just reeks of breathtaking disingenuity.

The Indian metal scene is fucked; yes, we’ve known this self evident truism for donkey’s ages. We are a nation of soulless, ball-less, subservient, yes-sirring, diplomatic sycophants, ever eager to kiss authority figures, however insignificant, on the arse. No wonder then that our metal is worthless. The great irony, however, is that the people who’ve now taken to saying it is fucked, because their monetary adventures have been spurned, constitute a big part of just why it is so fucked.

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5 Responses to Metal as ROI: On the demise of the Indian Metal Podcast

  1. neutronhammer says:

    The man is a walking Parody, So much so that it almost feels like as if it’s intentional and the chubby half-midget is having a laugh somewhere.
    It makes want to tear my hair out sometimes, i must admit, i stalk the little fucker’s page EVERYDAY to feel a little better about myself.

    • Bacon Dealer says:

      He’s a judgemental prick who rants about stupid shit. FFS, he has an issue with people smoking in his hallowed vicinity. He has 0 metal in his veins. Must have got a blood transplant from a real metalhead at some point. Fuck, the pigheaded approach to music is like a neverending joke. You can work hard at shovelling shit, doesn’t mean you deserve to make tons of money.

  2. Behemoth says:

    Fuck you madarchod. You are just a fucking hater. You are just an illiterate bastard behind a keyboard who cannot do any shit other than being jelous of other people’s sucess. You are a threat to the Metal Scene.

    • Deaf says:

      Illiterate? You cannot even spell right!

      Jealous? Success? Sorry, does not compute. That has nothing to do with why some of us cannot stand this nonsense. The last paragraph and sentence of this article is about people like you, Mr. Behemoth.

  3. Well said. Just add ‘artless’ to “soulless” and “ball-less”

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