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Retrospective: Ceremonium – Into The Autumn Shade (1995)

Once in communion with purity Now I am bounded in this foul existence – ‘Incarnated Entity’ Into The Autumn Shade is a fine example of the doom/death hybrid of the 90s, where opposites existed side-by-side in near-equilibrium: melody and rageful death metal … Continue reading

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The futility of materialistic ambition in art

To grow disenchanted with sport played for big money seems like a natural progression in time. One does not have to be a social justice warrior to understand that there are issues of far greater import in the world, things that … Continue reading

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The break of metal songwriting

Darkness Eternal‘s 2001 album, Satanchrist, liberally employed the kind of breaks that Immolation patented on many of their classic album closers, albeit without the latter’s knowledge of placement. This record, though a little muddled in the way it arranges diverse … Continue reading

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