Discreation – Procreation Of The Wretched (2015)


Is there such a thing as a distinctly German aesthetic in death metal? What unites bands like Fleshcrawl, Purgatory, Fearer, Anasarca, and Obscure Infinity, with this Discreation album? Granted; Fleshcrawl excepting, none of the others have released a genuine classic, but even so, the overwhelming vibe to be derived from their music is one of painstaking songcraft. Which of itself is no cause for jubilation but should rather be the norm, and yet that is the predicament underground death metal finds itself in. But, Discreation, and the others, invest a deal of effort into making songs with a very real identity; there are themes unique to each of these pieces and they make liberal use of sweeping, long-phrased melodies and chordal punctuations and breaks, both black metal and Iron Maiden in their ambition.

Perhaps there is an important tangent touched in that last statement. From all reports, Germany – and the European continent for the most part – has retained its fascination with traditional heavy metal. Metal is treated as a musical philosophy, its various sub-divisions, parts of a greater whole. Seen in this light, it is all too possible, and even likely, that bands like Discreation transplant the same time-tested songwriting virtues to their death metal.

Originality is a whore of a word in metal parlance, but far more important to me is that Procreation Of The Wretched carries the ineffable spark of creation, if you can forgive the alliteration. There are second-hand melodic ideas present here, no doubt, and  how they are built on isn’t always optimum; momentum is sometimes compromised in favour of an ill-advised detour. But this is also the sound of a band exercising its engines of imagination; we can be poetic about inspiration striking gloriously but maybe being inspired is a cumulative process after all, each tentative move in the right direction bringing you one step closer to that brief instant of genius.


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