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To metal and metal brothers

Trusted friends have told me that this blog reads far too angst-ridden and desperate at times. I agree, but I’ve never deemed conflict to be an especially bad thing in the first place. Much of what fuels these pages was … Continue reading

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Condemner – Omens Of Perdition demo (2015)

Condemner – Omens Of Perdition (2015) Writing long dark death metal songs of the style Condemner do on their demo is no easy feat. As a general rule, the longer the song, the harder it becomes to retain its context … Continue reading

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What, after the fall?

When Napalm Death performed in Bangalore, India, singer Barney Greenway prowled the stage tirelessly, espousing his left-leaning political beliefs. The audience cheered. It was a bi-directional, call-respond dynamic between the two parties. Greenway’s tirades against capitalism, racism, nationalism, and religion were predictable, … Continue reading

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Discreation – Procreation Of The Wretched (2015)

Is there such a thing as a distinctly German aesthetic in death metal? What unites bands like Fleshcrawl, Purgatory, Fearer, Anasarca, and Obscure Infinity, with this Discreation album? Granted; Fleshcrawl excepting, none of the others have released a genuine classic, but … Continue reading

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Sacral Rage’s Illusions In Infinite Void and originality

Sacral Rage – Illusions In Infinite Void  Sacral Rage play heavy metal of many, many parts, all grounded in 80s acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mekong Delta, Megadeth, ADX, Toxik, Crimson Glory, and Voivod. That may read like a … Continue reading

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Metal in the ape world

We are men of passions slow to ignite but all-consuming once underway; so we gravitate naturally to this music of sharply  defined highs and lows. Unable to comprehend, much less partake of social machinations – or more accurately, only too comprehending and … Continue reading

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