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Metal before ego

Words, even poorly formulated ones, have greater reach than ever before. The responsibility of the sensible writer of words and the passionate fan of metal, therefore, should be to exercise a bare minimum of caution and reason before passing judgment … Continue reading

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Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves (2014)

Honest and redolent of simpler times, Johnny Touch play the grittier, rock-tinged heavy metal – British (Saxon), French (ADX, Sortilege), and American (Warlord, Fifth Angel) – of the first half of the eighties. Inner City Wolves is a studied replica of a bygone … Continue reading

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Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages (2015)

There are reproductions and gimmicks, and then there is Cruciamentum‘s debut full length Charnel Passages that, while carrying an unmistakeably old European flavour, manages to stand out among the crowd with sincerity and individuality. The two aspects that instantly jump … Continue reading

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The unfortunate use of “heavy” and “extreme” as adjectives in metal

Sometimes it feels as if the continued use of “heavy” and “extreme” as adjectives in metal is a big reason why newer bands have drifted away from the virtues of song-writing. Think about it; the lapse of “heavy” into casual … Continue reading

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Unpleasant reality

The world is an unpleasant place. That someone acknowledges the extent of its unpleasantness instead of hiding behind utopian platitudes doesn’t render the person an advocate or an apologist for whatever the unpalatable aspect at hand may be. Reality knows … Continue reading

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Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection (2015)

The new Revenge shows more structure than before but it is a structure cut from the blockiest of slabs. The bandwidth of Revenge‘s excursions over the musical scale will always be limited because of the nature of their genre but … Continue reading

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Metal is non-populist, undogmatic, and honest

It is a convenient escape hatch for many metal bands to say that they are not politically motivated or that they hold no interest in political happenings. On initial reading, this opinion seems something you can identify with; after all, … Continue reading

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