The brotherhood of thought

thinking motherfucker

Racial differences exist. Forget the science behind it; modern pseudo-think forces us to believe that we’re all the same. We’re not, at least not on a physical level. Black people can run faster than me, look larger and more cut than me while expending a great deal less effort at the gym. Mongoloids have better hair and infinitely clearer skin, though they might occasionally be shorter and squatter. Whites boast of “subjectively” more aesthetic physiognomy; but is it really “subjective” after all? Some things stand on their own two feet without need of oily embellishment or passive-aggressive insecurities; this is one of them, the other being that whites have been the superior and dominant global “race” for most of the last five hundred years. Forget begging for reparations, accept this as history and an indictment of your weaknesses as a group of people at that point in time. Instead of bemoaning and projecting your present flaws on the past, come to terms with them as a deal gone bad, own up to how you have gone awry since, and gear all your efforts towards avoiding an encore in the near, or distant, future.

This is how things are, but what bewilders is the amount of time people spend bickering over these semantics. Granted, these same semantics – physical differences or subversive, invasive, degenerative influences in the past – have a major role to play in how cultures and civilizations evolve and maintain themselves and prosper. But globalization, for all of its many inherent, subliminal failings, ensures of one thing, which is that minds across the world, more than ever before, now have a chance of catching up with each other and raising each others’ consciousnesses, if only the people in possession of these minds gave this outrageous idea a fair go. The knowledge from across various cultures, throughout history, and through real-time interpersonal contact, that we now have available at our disposal boggles the mind. No one mind can possibly ever grasp the entirety of it but the continuous endeavour on behalf of all mankind has to be to constantly keep chugging and chipping away at this immense repository of learning. Often, curiosity itself is worth the price of admission; you don’t necessarily have to comprehend everything that greater minds have said before, but the willingness to explore unchartered and intimidating ground of itself, with humility, is essential to growing as a human being.

The true realization for humanity should be that we are all fellow travelers along the same path to an elusive but universal wisdom, some far ahead, some lagging behind, but in essence together as a group of nomads with distinctive personalities. All of us have a role to play in elevating our collective consciousnesses if only we could sublimate our egos; there will be those that will stubbornly refuse to admit of their deficiencies, and they will have to be cast aside for the worthless, leprous husks that they are. But for the rest, this is the one true unity and brotherhood that we should aspire towards.

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5 Responses to The brotherhood of thought

  1. Epicus Moronicus says:

    When humanity has a population of 1, then this noble goal of unification of mankind under a common banner can be achieved.

    • It’s already 2, you and I. There are many more like us in the shadows. Resignation is nice when you’re an angst-ridden young adult, annihilation is probably inevitable in the long run, but dwelling on that and that alone is a bad way to live.

      • Epicus Moronicus says:

        No one is dwelling on it. There’s a tendency to look at humanity as a flock of sheep, which can be herded into a common direction. But, I look at it like a herd of goats. Trying to get them to think the same thing is impossible, so what is the point in trying. Just focus on the things that we can control, the ones within our realm of influence, and then proceed to live life happily.
        Someone told me about wanting without expectation. It is not something that made a whole lot of sense to me then, but as I have gotten older it is something that I seem to be trying to follow, as much as I can.
        To ask the questions to fuel thoughts, question the tried and tested way of doing things, all these are things we can do. But then with trying something there is the pitfall of expectation, which we somehow need to avoid.
        It hopefully will not change the way I live my life, but neither will the boorish behaviour of people cause within me too much frustration. In reality it does, but then that is the journey within my life that I need to undertake, to be able to win my war against expectation.

      • Wanting without expectation only means that you don’t want it bad enough 🙂

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