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A note on dissonance and Adversarial’s latest

Dissonant chords are called dissonant for a reason. As opposed to conventional death metal atonality built on floating key relationships but not without a sense of melody, dissonance lacks a harmonic center. When used tastefully and when supplemented with more … Continue reading

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Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls (2015)

The thing that fascinates about Iron Maiden, regardless of where you stand on the quality of their millennial output, is the seemingly endless supply of memorable melodic lines at their disposal. One can make allowance for the fact that these melodies have been … Continue reading

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Demisery – Hive Of Mutation (2011)

A subject that often comes up for discussion with a dear friend is that of the Morbid Angel of the second half of the 90s and the small scene that came about inspired by the styles seen on Formulas Fatal … Continue reading

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Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead (2015)

To understand Ares Kingdom, one has to telegraph not only the band’s intentions in the present day but also their formative influences. Ares Kingdom‘s sound is built on a foundation of 80s underground death/thrash as performed by the likes of Sacrifice, … Continue reading

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What people don’t understand about provocative art

Here is a subtle rule of provocative art that more and more people fail to appreciate: extreme, politically incorrect imagery that unsettles people can be used in ways other than what said imagery was originally intended for, in order to … Continue reading

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Fatal showdown: Goregrind vs War Metal

Night comes down on the parking lot; deserted, overrun with weeds, lying in a long forgotten outer salient of the city. Two opponents of conflicting ideologies descend on its runnel-ridden concrete, with scores to settle and reputations to enhance. A beam of … Continue reading

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Personal gods

Nature contains patterns that require a specific configuration of time, space, and bent of mind to be detected. By nature I mean not only the external world around us, human beings, but also the way in which our framework of understanding … Continue reading

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Degrees of truth and intellectual dishonesty

Relativistic hedging – assuming biological and genetic contingencies don’t factor in, but to upholders of indiscriminate parity I ask, when ever do they not? – can only ever be justifiable when we consider a nascent consciousness. Unencumbered with experience and existing as … Continue reading

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Beithioch – Conquest (2015)

There are things to like about Beithioch‘s Conquest but there are also things that don’t let one fully exculpate it of the bad habits afflicting modern underground metal. At its best, this Irish black/death/doom hybrid evokes the same epic nihilism … Continue reading

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The art of fugue and how much can metal borrow from classical music

That metal is stagnant today bears little repeating. That it needs an infusion of fresh ideas to stay relevant is undeniable, but what form should these new ideas take? Younger metal bands are split at a literal fork in this … Continue reading

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