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Insurrection V: The relatively bullshit-free edition

Date: September 6 Location: Bangalore Local metal shows in India have experienced a less than enthusiastic response of late, in the wake of somewhat regular performances by more renowned international bands. Local DIY endeavours find it hard to compete with … Continue reading

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The gothic in metal: MDB’s Turn Loose The Swans vs Opeth’s Orchid

The term gothic is commonly associated with surface trappings in popular perception but what it really signifies is a setting, and, more esoterically, a mood and the expression it finds. What we call ineffable is the gothic; that which falls outside … Continue reading

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Impetuous Ritual – Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence (2014)

Remember Kawazu, that riled-up swarm of bees intro to Gateways To Annihilation ? Impetuous Ritual have created an entire album of songs set in a hornet’s hive, using much of the same sound effect, however it is produced, as background to their … Continue reading

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Horn – Konflikt (2013)

Horn‘s Nerrath has been developing his project in the underground since 2003 but has eluded even remotely mainstream notice for that duration, becoming yet another casualty under the barrage of information. Which is not to say that his output has been … Continue reading

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It’s A Dog’s Life: A story for animal lovers

This story is not metal-related. It is about a man and a dog, and the strange experiences they share. Download story

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Metal guitar solos and three great soloists: Trey Azagthoth, Bob Vigna, Mark Shelton

Is the guitar solo a purely ornamental aspect to metal? The more one thinks on it, the odder it seems to consider the prospect of an individual from a collective waddling forth to showcase his skills while the remainder of … Continue reading

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Pagan Hellfire – On The Path To Triumph (2013)

A simple mind exercise for the interested black metal listener when he encounters a new piece of music is to strip away all peripherals from its core; take away the harsh vocals, push the production and aesthetic to the backbench, … Continue reading

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gifted it to mankind. The serpent tempted Eve to take a bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge and thus set an inexorable chain of events in motion. Both these metaphors … Continue reading

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Motorhead and Lemmy as abstract ideals

The media has a tendency to build up personalities and play to the cults that spring up around them. The media also has the despicable tendency of reducing the same personalities to a pile of rubble once they fall out … Continue reading

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Style and Genre in metal

Far too often, style and genre are terms used interchangeably by fans and musicians alike. Informal talk cannot always strictly conform to what might ultimately amount to only academic differences in meaning. To all intents and purposes, both style and … Continue reading

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